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The Continuing Fight for Marriage Equality

Gay Marriage

Same sex marriage has always been a controversial issue worth fighting for but not the kind of fight that would require you to call any Los Angeles personal injury attorneys, even being dragged into advocacy and platforms by politicians. Republicans usually oppose such a union, while the more liberal democrats clamor for its legality. There are various reasons why certain sections oppose gay marriage, mostly on the basis of religion. However, in governments where the separation of the Church and the State is clear, it is much easier for the parliament to pass laws allowing same sex union despite opposition from certain sectors in society. The fight for marriage equality has been a long and bitter fight, but substantial victories have been made along the way. The rights of the LGBTQI sector has been entering the mainstream discourse and it centers on creating the environment where they can live without discrimination on the basis of their chosen gender.

Countries where same sex marriage is legal

As of the second quarter of 2017, there are at least 25 countries which have legalized gay marriage. The first on this list of progressive countries is the Netherlands which accorded legal recognition to same sex marriage on 2000. Germany and Malta are among the latest additions to the counties where gay marriage is legal. Included also in the last are Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United States, and Uruguay. LGBTQI advocates have undergone various specific struggles to be able to attain this right. The most basic, essential yet encompassing argument for the legal recognition of same sex marriages is the provision on international human rights arguments disallowing governments from discriminating anyone based on gender. More countries are expected to follow suit given widespread clamor and strong support for the gay community.

Same Sex Marriage in the United States

There are instances where gay marriage is legal only in some jurisdictions. This is the case for Mexico and before 2015, this was also true for the United States. Prior to the US Supreme Court ruling which made same sex marriage a legal right across the country, there were at least 14 states which banned same-sex marriage. Of course, gay couples can simply go to a different state to marry, but the situation of course was difficult for many in the LGBTQI community.

After the Supreme Court ruling and following the constitutional right of every American citizen to enjoy “equal dignity in the eyes of the law”, a decade of legal battles resulted to the legalization of gay union in America. Those in the community and its supporters declared the ruling a victory, a decision that made the country closer to its ideal of being a dwelling for free and diverse people.

Marriage equality still has a long way to go, considering that only 25 out of the more than 190 countries has passed laws making gay union legal. However, there is a continuing and sustained support for the LGBTQI community and the world is seeing younger generations and current parliamentarians accepting and recognizing homosexual relationships.